Why Is Music 100X more popular than therapy?

I am sure you have clearly seen by now that I am a little bit of a Patch Adams sort in terms of Mental Health.  I am bound to get in trouble, because my beliefs are “controversial” and here I am out in the open saying; “I don’t believe in disorders” among MANY MANY other things. However, I think its fair to say that Patch Adams had something to teach all of us about health care and likewise maybe I have something to teach you about mental health care. I would rather be faithful to my own soul and put myself out on a limb and risk “getting into trouble.” vs. being unfaithful to my own soul.  I am well aware of ALL OF THE RISKS THAT I AM TAKING BY EXPRESSING MY THOUGHTS SO FREELY ON THIS BLOG, and I am becoming comfortable with each of these risks, because every time I take a risk and share something that may be “controversial” I am taking a step closer towards integrity.

As Mental Health Clinicans, because we are so busy burring our heads in the DSM, we are failing to notice that

drum role please……



















Why is that?

Because Music does NOT diagnose people with disorders.  Music talks about deep pain, belonging, insecurity, love, jealousy, inadequacy, shame, and relationships.










Music can be 100% emotionally honest and raw regarding life experiences. Music talks about every aspect of LIFE and music makes no mention of the dsm, diagnoses, disorders, etc.  For this reason, music connects to people’s soul I believe far better than most therapies do.  

However, on the flip side of the coin, music does not confront people, and its fair to say that any good therapist will confront their client when needed.

Nonetheless, I think as therapists, we have a lot to learn from some music artists and we need to be listening to emotionally raw music that is honest about all emotions and asking ourselves how can I create a therapy experience for my client where they will feel comfortable sharing with me all of these emotions?

So, if we are wanting to become more effective as a Therapist I think we need to do  a couple things.  First off, I think we need to put down our DSM and all of our training books for a little while and instead create a type of therapy experience for our clients where our clients feel comfortable sharing their real stories of deep pain, deep hurt, lies, secrets, intense sorrow, insecurity, love, jealousy, inadequacy, shame, and happiness with us. You see, therapy is not effective UNTIL WE CREATE A TYPE OF THERAPY EXPERIENCE FOR OUR CLIENTS WHERE PEOPLE CAN BE 100% HONEST ABOUT everything in their life; their pain, lies, secrets, etc.   People need to be able to feel comfortable sharing ALL THE PARTS OF THEIR SOUL WITH US where their not going to be afraid that if they share these emotions with us that we will DIAGNOSE THEM WITH A DISORDER.

HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR, I BELIEVE THIS IS MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM ABUSE.    I think if we were are going to be doing therapy with how therapy is designed to be done, people will find therapy much more popular than music or just as popular as music.

Secondly, if I had to pick one therapeutic modality that really connected with people’s soul, it would be; Schema Therapy, hands down.    You see, for most people who are battling Depression and Anxiety, their Depression and Anxiety was created because of family of origin wounds.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy alone, does not get at the root of our wounds and hurts that are creating Depression and Anxiety like Schema Therapy does. With Schema Therapy they combine the best elements of CBT with also having an appreciation and awareness of how Family of Origin Wounds work.  While I do think that Schema Therapy is missing a couple key elements in their schema’s (there is not one schema labeled narcissism.) I do believe it is the BEST FORM OF THERAPY OUR THERE that really gets at the root of peoples problems, etc.    What are your thoughts on what I have shared?  I welcome all feedback.    🙂

As I am bringing a close to this blog post, I would like to  share a song play list with you I created called Soul Music on Spotify, I hope you enjoy it.

Warm Regards,

Kelly Johnson, MA,



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