Heal Your Narcissism By Getting a Job at Wal-Mart

Believe it or not, in addition to doing the other activities to heal narcissism I have talked about in my previous blogs, you can learn humility and heal your narcissism by giving up your high class job for one year, just one year

just one year

and getting a job instead at a place like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Target, Starbucks, and/or any other typical high school job.  Truthfully, I think every adult should do this ONCE IN THEIR ADULT LIFE CAREER AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS, YOUR COMPANY SHOULD ALLOW YOU TO TAKE A PASS, WHERE YOU CAN GET YOUR JOB BACK AFTER THE YEAR.  🙂  This type of career transition can have a 100% impact on re-teaching you humility.  Sometime in my adult life, I will take a break from my career and work at a place like these.  I know, I know, you may be thinking this is a kinda a stupid idea, but hear me out before you judge.  I think standard high school jobs teach the value of hard work and humility waaaaaaaaay more than most other jobs.  In a typical high school job, you function kinda as a nobody, you work your ass off, and you get paid very little.  I think because of these factors, these jobs have the highest potential to teach humility and also have the potential to help heal narcissism. 

As I am closing up shop here, I thought I would leave you with another recipe, here is a recipe for Strawberry and Salmon Salad.


5 Strawberries cut up

Rasberry Vinagerett Dressing-1 tablespoon

6 ounces of Greens; Spinach or Steamed Kale

1/3 cup of almonds

1 piece of Salmon cooked

1/3 of a cucumber cut up

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and toss until mixed well.    ENJOY!


Namaste 🙂

Kelly Johnson, ma, lpc

P.S- Being that it is Sunday, I thought that I would bless you with a worship music song list.  I have created a worship music play list that I have became quite fond of.   By the way, even though I say this play list is worship music, which it is, science opens up our brains ability for worship FAR better than any music song list does.




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