What was the purpose of Jesus, Mohhamed, and John Smith?

Wow, this post is already off to a feisty start:)  I am mentioning Jesus, Mohammed, and John Smith all in the same post    ooofta.

I am going to attempt to answer some pretty controversial questions in terms of what the purpose was of these individual’s lives.  I reserve the right to be wrong of course….  I believe Jesus was the coming messiah that was talked about in the old testament.  Why was Jesus’ ministry necessary?  I believe we may have a little bit of a premature understanding of the purpose of Jesus’ life.

I believe Jesus came to break the old law, and he painted a new picture for a relationship with Yahweh, lastly he also came historically speaking at the time he did because I believe God was becoming VERY VERY narcissistic and callous in the old testament and God knew that for her/his heart to heal, she needed faith to be about other people in the world EXCEPT FOR HERSELF for a very loooooooooong time. (e.g. 2,000 years.)  Jesus’ birth, life, and dying on the cross took the focus off of Yahweh and put it onto jesus for over 2,000 years.

In doing this, Yahweh’s narcissistic and image obsessed heart that was developed in the old testament was able to heal emotionally and He was able to re-develop humility, nurturance, sensitivity, curiosity, and insecurity.  (which were all traits that I believe Yahweh may have lost in the O.T.)   I believe Yahweh purposefully gave Jesus God like powers so the focus would be taken off of himself and onto somebody else.

What was the purpose of Mohamed’s life and ministry?  I think Mohammed came as well to take the focus off of Yahweh as well, so once again yahweh’s narcissistic heart could heal and become sensitive, compassionate and stern again.  However, I do not believe that Mohammed was a messiah like Jesus was, instead I believe he was just a regular man who equally loved God and sinned against God.

I have read the Koran extensively and when I read the Koran it is quite obvious to me that Mohammed was visited or tormented by a genie or more commonly known as a demon.  That does not mean that Mohammed was an evil person, quite the opposite, I think God chose Mohammed for a reason.  Why is this distinction important?  Because I believe that Yahweh was TRYING TO TEACH US HOW TO DEVELOP spiritual DISCERNMENT WITH Mohammed.  Just because someone is visited by an angel or a demon, DOES NOT  MEAN IT IS FROM YAHWEH.  Likewise, I believe that John Smith was also visited by a demon.  (spiritual demon’s are typically spirits that mimic God and act and sound exactly like God or sound very similar to God.

We all need to develop discernment in this way.  There are billions of people that talk about God, yet do not know Yahweh.  Furthermore, there are many non-religious folks that know Yahweh well, even though know one would know that or expect that.  Well all for now, I must be getting to bed now.  Good night everybody, sleep well.  🙂

Kelly Johnson, ma, lpc

P.S  When I use the words She and Herself in reference to Yahweh, I am simply talking about the ying yang aspects of Yahweh.  I believe Yahweh has the most beautiful blend of masculine and feminine traits and the word She is just the right word to describe Yahweh because She has He and She in it.  🙂

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