Walking Talk Therapy at Highline Canal Park

Does Traditional Talk therapy leave you feeling intimidated and uninterested in therapy?

Would you open up and talk more to your therapist if you were walking side by side vs. sitting in front of your therapist on a coach?

Do you find that you connect more with your mind and psyche through being in nature vs. sitting on a coach talking to somebody?

Do you often times find that you have your best conversations with people when your walking or sitting side by side vs. sitting in front of them?   (such as walking, hiking, or sitting in a passenger seat in a car?)


If you answered YES to these questions than you may be an ideal candidate for Walking Talk Therapy.  Walking Talk Therapy is where we incorporate nature and being outside into your counseling experience and process.  For many people traditional talk therapy can be a little intimidating and unnerving. With Walking Talk Therapy we combine the best of both worlds with being out in nature and implementing talk therapy while we are walking.

Proponents of Walking Talk Therapy also say that Walking Talk Therapy can be much more relaxing and comfortable.   Walking Talk Therapy  takes off some emotional pressure for the client and because of this they’re able to share more readily than they would be perhaps if they were in a traditional office setting.  You will often hear parents of teenagers say that they have their BEST CONVERSATIONS with their teenager when their driving in the car.  This is no mistake and there is a reason for this.  When you are driving, you are able to just focus on the road and you do not have to focus on looking at the person while you are talking.  Because of this,  sometimes teenagers are more apt to share and open up.

My counseling office is a 5 minute walk from Highline Canal Park.  If you would like to incorporate Walking Talk Therapy into your counseling treatment please let me know and I will try to incorporate these experiences into your counseling treatment.   All research and science supports the idea that nature and wilderness alone are very healing emotionally and psychologically.  There are a plethora of therapy wilderness programs that are in existence today based off of these research findings.  By offering these services I am tuning into the healing capacity of nature and utilizing these healing elements to compliment your counseling experience.  To learn more about Walking Therapy please feel free to peruse the links below.

Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC

Walking Talk Therapy Resources




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