Volunteer & Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering/interning at the Center for Healing and Change.  As of right now I am currently not offering any graduate level internship opportunities at this time.  If you are an undergrad or a high-school student and are interested in an internship/volunteer opportunity please email me your resume and cover letter and I will be in contact with you as soon as I am able.

The reason why I am not taking on any graduate level interns is because I am not able to be on site while you are completing all of your internship hours.  I can provide you with weekly supervision and I can also provide you with contact hours, however being that I have a small office with one therapy room and a waiting room I am not able to be present during all  of the times that the intern would be meeting with clients.  Because I am only in my office Wed-Friday, I need full availability of my office during those times.  When I first started accepting graduate level interns several years ago the internship rules were different back then and interns were able to meet with their clients on the off days that I was not in my office and then we would do weekly supervision sessions on the days that I was in my office.  Therefore, I am not able to provide an internship opportunity if the graduate school requires that I am present during all of the interns’ contact hours with clients.

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