The Ying Yang Effect

I have created a new concept called the; “Ying Yang Effect” and everything in life I see through this Ying Yang Effect.  In terms of politics, religion, parenting styles, etc. I do not see it like the world sees is as two opposing sides with opposing views, rather I see it as each side represents an important part of the “Ying Yang Effect” and both parts of the Ying Yang effect create Balance.  Let me explain it to you;

Liberals Need Conservatives & Conservatives Need Liberals

Protestant’s Need Catholics & Catholics Need Protestants

Agnostics Need Believers and Believers Need Agnostics

Democrats Need Republicans & Republicans Need Democrats

Attachment Style Parenting Folks NEED to learn from Baby Wise Style Parenting folks & like wise Baby Wise Parenting folks NEED to learn from Attachment Style Parenting.

This analogy is true in SO MANY WAYS, here are just the first 5 that came to my head.  In my next blog, I will get back to talking about; “How to Heal from Narcissism and Perfectionism.”  🙂  Before I forget, here is a recipe for delicious 3 ingredient Popsicles!

Warm Regards,

Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC






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