Stuttering Therapy

Communication keeps you in touch for a lifetime!  The ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through speech is a foundation of human relationships.  When you have a Stuttering problem you may feel like this basic right to communication has been denied for you.  If you or a family member is experiencing a stuttering problem, I can help!  Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC has been a (PWS) Person Who Stutters for her whole life and she understands the emotions and experiences that effect people who Stutter.

I offer specialized Stuttering treatment through Exposure Therapy, Desensitization, CBT Therapy, and Schema Therapy.  I love working with fellow Stutterers and I love helping people overcome the barriers that their stuttering has created for them.  I have been a person who Stutters for my whole life and have been through extensive Stuttering Therapy including; Fluency Shaping Techniques and Stuttering Modification Therapy.  I have experienced the freedom of coming out of the closet as a Covert Stutterer and I know first hand the pain, shame, and embarrassment that Stuttering can create.  I empower people and I help people with their Stuttering become comfortable in their own skin, develop assertive communication skills, and become the BEST BEST BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES!  🙂

Stuttering Therapy Denver

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