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My first book is called Mental Health System Abuse, I break most book writing rules on purpose to save us all from that man made thing called perfectionism.  All of my books have errors, spelling errors, and other errors.  I leave these errors in there on purpose.   I don’t believe in most “research based practices” for the reasons discussed below.  When research is solely based off of maintaining a 250$ billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, its not research, its called bias.  I will be publishing this book within the year, but for right now I have listed a general summary of the book below.

What is Mental Health System Abuse? Here is an introduction from my book and my top ten tenants of  what Mental Health System Abuse is.

  1. Mental Health System Abuse is when we medicate our kids on DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS! Did you hear me?  We medicate our kids on drugs because we will not look inward at our own ineffective parenting practices.  Because a large perentage of the time, (not all) when our kids are on drugs, the REAL problem is a lack of parenting skills on behalf of the parent.
  2. Mental Health System Abuse is when doctors could give 2 cents that they are medicating children and putting children on drugs.  Because just as long as they can convince the parent their kid has a disorder, they have a client for life who will probably need medication management.
  3. Mental Health System Abuse is when music is a million times BETTER at therapy than 99% of the therapists out there, because music does not diagnose people with disorders and music does not make emotions a d-i-s-o-r-d-e-r.
  4. Mental Health System Abuse is when we have created a mental health system as such that no one, no one, no one, can get therapy unless they are diagnosed with a d-i-s-o-r-d-e-r.   No wonder why no one wants to get therapy, because no one wants to be diagnosed with a disorder.  Because disorder is a man-made word only fed by a 250 billion dollar industry.  God did not create disorders, God created feelings and emotions. (btw, if the word god trips you up, no worries. I’m pretty sure God is an agnostic.)
  5. Mental Health System Abuse is when Psychiatrists have taken away our God-given right to have feelings and have made all feelings a disorder. (if you have them for longer than 2 weeks.)  Pain is NOT bad, pain is good, it is necessary.  When you feel insecure, inadequate, defective, lonely, rage, jealousy, insight, secure, confident.  These are all healthy emotions that mean you are human.  🙂
  6. Mental Health System Abuse is basically most (not all) of the DSM.  I want to have a DSM burning party world-wide where we burn these stupid books.  Depression is not a disorder, it is an experience. A rejection wound is not a disorder (bpd), narcissism is not a disorder, it’s a wound.  And bi-polar is mostly just a different flavor of pathological narcissism.
  7. Mental Health System Abuse is Psychiatrists diagnosing millions of people with bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc. every year because it creates a client for life who will need life-long medications.  I would probably say 90% of bi-polar clients have narcissism, but will not get treated for it because they are conditioned to think their behavior is just because of brain chemistry that can only be fixed with medication.  But yet, IT IS THIS VERY BELIEF that creates pathological narcissism.   People with bi-polar often feel no regard for other people’s feelings, they lack empathy, so they act moody, entitled, go on shopping sprees, etc.  When teenagers are diagnosed with bi-polar, they are told a LIE that they have a brain chemistry condition in which they cannot regulate their behavior unless there on medications.  This is MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM ABUSE.
  8. Mental Health System Abuse is when Psychiatrists are allowed to medicate clients, but highly trained and excellent therapists are not. Even though clients report being much more honest with their therapist, than with their drug-dealer, I mean their Psychiatrist. Why is a psychiatrist qualified to give drugs , but not a therapist who is trained in;




Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Insecurity, Relationships, etc?  As human beings,







WE NEED TO GET AT THE ROOT OF OUR PAIN IN THERAPY, WE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO COVER UP OUR PAIN WITH MEDICATIONS. PAIN IS GIVEN TO US AS A REMINDER OF SOMETHING THAT WE HAVE NOT DEALT WITH YET.  So, when drugs numb that pain, it robs us from the reason why we were given the pain in the first place and we never really heal because we do NOT deal with the real source of our pain.   While I do not believe in the use of antidepressants 90% of the time, 10% of the time I may. 🙂

9. Mental Health Abuse is when











Long….when I can just take this drug and fix the pain in an hour??

10. Mental Health System Abuse is; ________________________________________________________.


(Fill in the blank, we ALL could come up with MANY more answers.)

Will you join me in helping me stop mental health system abuse?

If you have read my book; Mental Health System Abuse and you would like to make a difference in this world by donating to this beautiful cause.  You can make an anonymous donation by clicking on the pay-pal link below.  (which will be posted right after I publish the book. )  Please know that if you donate to this cause, 100% of your donations will go directly towards stopping mental health system abuse.

How will you make that happen?  That sounds close to impossible Kelly!

I will use every cent donated to mail a copy of my book to every psychiatrist in the United States.  Additionally, I will also send a copy of my book to every therapist, social worker, and counselor, world wide whom I deeply respect.  (maybe 100 or so.) Once I accomplish this, I will move onto sending out the books to psychiatrists in other countries as well.  My end goal is: I want to put an END to Mental Health System Abuse worldwide. But, we have to start somewhere, so these are my baby steps for right now, were all about baby-steps here, right BOB?  😉

I have planted the vision by writing this book, Mental Health System Abuse.   Speaking of,

what is my vision?

My vision and my life calling is to create a world, where; human beings DO NOT think that feelings are disorders and that feelings need to be medicated.   We have a God-given right to feel all of our feelings.

But in our world, the reality is much different.  The reality is, when I feel

successful, happy, excited, insightful, intuitive, collaborative, mystified, content, loved, connected, delighted=These feelings are “satisfactory” to have.  However if I feel;

depressed, insecure, rejected, despair, sadness, deep sorrow, jealous, shy, painfully shy, hate, humiliation, anxiety, helpless, fear, panic, scared, hurt. =These feelings are NOT satisfactory to have.  And if I have these feelings for longer than two weeks, I most definitely have a disorder.

We have a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to feel ALL OF THESE FEELINGS, and NONE of these feelings are disorders. But yet we live in a world, where we have a right to GUNS, but we do not have a right to human feelings.  (Feelings are IN OUR BRAIN, GUNS are man-made.)    I would also like to make a change in our constitution, where we take out the 1st amendment right, it should of never been there in the first place.)  But frankly, I have much bigger fish to fry and I have no patience to try and take down crazy gun rights people, no offence.

True story, would you be shocked if I told you that I think most psychiatrists are “nice” sociopaths who do NOT feel or have empathy?  Don’t get me wrong, their not monsters, and they have their wounds as well from their past.  But most of them do not believe in therapy because if they did, they would not be working as a psychiatrist to get people to STOP having their feelings.

So, why are Psychiatrists who do not have feelings and do not have empathy qualified to prescribe medications again?  When my client is prescribed lorazepam for anxiety, I become a little anxious because I am worried about my client becoming addicted to the medication.  Do you think his psych doctor feels anxiety about that?  So who has the clients best interest in mind?  Me or his Psychiatrist?

Lastly, if you are a Therapist, Social Worker, Counselor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist (who are maybe closet therapists;) please do NOT just donate.  I need YOU, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR PASSION, YOUR INSIGHT and I want you to take my vision and run with it in your own respective local community/neck of the woods, speak loudly, cause a ruckus, be bold, don’t back down, be tenacious, be a bull-dog, be a Rudy Rutiger.

Enough for now, hopefully I’ve wet your appetite a little bit, my book will be coming out within the year . ALL CONTENTS ARE DIRECT QUOTES TAKEN FROM MY BOOK, MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM ABUSE.

.   © Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC April 2017

My second book is called;

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