Sliding Scale Counseling

Center for Healing and Change Sliding-Scale Counseling

The standard rate per counseling session is $110 per 50-minute session, $150 per 70 minute session, and $180 per 90 minute session.  To qualify for the sliding scale counseling fee, please provide the 1040 tax return form per person from the previous year.   If you are a sliding scale fee client, the sliding scale fee starts at the 2nd  session, the intake session is $110 for all clients because typically the intake session is longer.  If all tax forms are not submitted for both parties, the payment will be the standard $110 per session.   If you are a dependent who is 18+ and are living at home with your parents, the cost of therapy would be an agreed upon adjusted rate.   I do not want anyone to be turned away because of income or finances, your well-being means a lot to me and I would love the opportunity to serve you and your family in any way that I can.

If you do not qualify for the sliding scale, however you are not able to afford the standard rate and you have no assistance to help pay for therapy, you can also buy a pre-payment package which consists of 10 sessions at $80 per session and there is no expiration date for these sessions.  (I have some clients that only see me 1-2x each year)  If you have any questions regarding counseling fees please contact me directly at 720-204-8747.

 Sliding-Scale Counseling Fee Schedule

Combined Gross Family Income                          Fee Per 50, 70, & 90 min Session

$100,000 and above                                                                                    $110, $150, $180

$90,001-99,999                                                                                             $100, $140, $170

$80,001-90,000                                                                                             $90, $130, $160

$70,001-80,000                                                                                              $80, $120, $150

$60,001-70,000                                                                                              $70, $110, $140

$50,001-60,000                                                                                              $60, $100, $130

$30,001-50,000                                                                                              $50, $90, $120

$20, 001-30,000                                                                                              $40, $80, $110

$20,000 & Under                                                                                             Free-$40*

Prepayment Package (10 sessions @ $80 per session)                     $700

*I will take on 1 client each month in this financial bracket and provide 6 pro-bono counseling sessions to this client.  These slots are reserved for clients who have no assistance to help pay for therapy and are making under $20,000.  If you qualify for pro-bono counseling please send me an email with the subject heading “can I sign up for pro bono counseling?” and let me know some times and dates that you are available. 

At the Center for Healing and Change I realize fully how difficult it can be to ask for help and I honor your courage in taking this first step.  I will do my part in providing you with the safe environment to begin this process.

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