Skype Counseling

In addition to Traditional Counseling, I am now offering Skype Counseling and Phone Counseling sessions as well to established clients only on a case by case basis.  What this means is that; If you are an established client and you are wanting to transition from in office counseling sessions to Skype counseling sessions, I am open to discussing this possibility with you if you are an individual client who is having mild issues with mood and/or relationships.  However, I am NOT comfortable with phone/skype sessions for clients and/or families who are having moderate to significant issues with depression, anxiety, relationships, and substance use/abuse.  In these situations,  face to face sessions are absolutely critical.  Additionally, please be advised that Skype counseling is primarily just for individuals and maybe couples in select situations.   Family Therapy needs to be done in the counseling office, parenting coaching can be done over Skype/Phone.  If you have any questions regarding my Skype/Phone counseling policies, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.



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