Sexuality/Intimacy Counseling

Sexuality is an integral part of our being in any marriage and romantic relationship.  For most of us, the messages we received growing up around sexuality have led us to feel shame, insecurity, awkwardness, and anxiety surrounding our sexuality. All too often, our sex life become more about a performance and less about an authentic connection with our spouse/partner.  Our sexuality is the most vulnerable part of our being and we need to approach our sexuality with humility and curiosity. We need to be able to take feedback, positive and constructive, and not go to a place of defensiveness in our most intimate relationships.

At the Colorado Center for Healing and Change we will partner with you and your partner to foster open communication and increase satisfaction in this part of your relationship.  If you have any questions regarding Sexuality and Intimacy Counseling at the Center for Healing and Change please call 720-204-8747 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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