Narcissism Recovery

FREE Initial Counseling Session for Narcissist’s Who Are Wanting to Heal Their Narcissism And Get Help!

Do you have the Narcissistic wound and because of this wound you are wounding others in your life?  I specialize with Narcissism and I LOVE working with Narcissists and helping them heal their Narcissism.   If you are wanting counseling for your Narcissism please send me an email with the subject heading “I struggle with Narcissism and I am wanting to heal my Narcissism” and let me know some times and dates that you are available and I will contact you to schedule your free session.

Disclaimer:  I do not like the word “Narcissist” because it can come across as judgmental and people do not like their personality to be put into a box, such as the Narcissistic box.  But that is the only word that I can use so you will know if I am talking about you. ?

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