Pre-Marital Counseling

You’ve just made the most important decision of your life.  Finally, you have found that person who completely understands you, believes in you, and respects you.  Heck, they even love you in spite of those quirky and embarrassing habits.   Regardless of whether you’re engaged or thinking about engagement it is imperative to think critically about your relationship and evaluate whether you’re a good match for each other for the long haul. With this in mind, being honest with your partner about any doubts or insecurities you have about the relationship will be helpful.  We all enter relationships with high expectations of “how it’s going to be.” Then however after a couple years, reality hits and we soon find ourselves feeling frustrated and disappointed.  It is easy to fall in love; however it is quit difficult to stay in love.  Have you ever seen a couple in their mid 80’s who still have that spark, respect, and openness in their relationship?  It is a rare find, but I’ll tell you what when you see it, it’s a beautiful thing.
Getting married without pre-marital education and counseling is like brewing a cup of coffee without knowing how to grind the coffee beans (Can you tell a family member of mine works at a coffee shop?).  With divorce rates currently at 50%, couples are deciding to equip themselves with strategies for dealing with the reality and challenges of marriage. Pre-marital counseling is an excellent way to prepare you and your partner for these challenges.  Research shows that couples can dramatically reduce their likelihood of divorce by taking part in pre-marital counseling.  Pre-marital counseling is intended to give you the knowledge and skills to have a happy and stable marriage that will last forever.

The Colorado Center For Healing And Change has designed a counseling program that addresses the 8 areas of conflict that lead to divorce; these areas include compatibility, roles, sexual intimacy, personalities, finances, families-of-origin, communication, and conflict resolution. Within these areas we teach the couple new tools to improve communication and resolve differences.

We also have a pre-engagement counseling program that is tailored to helping Denver couples evaluate whether or not their suitable for marriage.  Within this counseling format, we extensively get to know each individuals personality, preferences, and beliefs and help the couple assess whether or not they should take the next step towards marriage.

If you are engaged or contemplating engagement and would like to ensure that your relationship gets off on the right track call the Colorado Center For Healing And Change today to set up your initial consultation at 720-204-8747.

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