Parenting Coaching

Do you struggle with discipline as a parent and feel yourself yelling and getting out of control?

Do you struggle with getting your child to listen to you?

Do you feel guilty a lot?


We provide parenting coaching to help parents wrestle with the demands and challenges of parenting.  We provide all of our services in a “no judgement” environment.   We all struggle with parenting, and it is a sign of STRENGTH, not weakness,  to ask for help.  With parenting coaching, we will partner with you to identify your strengths as a parent and to help you achieve success with your struggles.  We commit to being supportive, encouraging, and direct in our approach to parenting coaching.   We will provide you with a safe place to share your parenting struggles and  we will also create an action plan to provide solutions to these problems.   Some of the topics we cover in parenting coaching include:

  • How To Solve Sleep Problems With Babies and Young Children.
  • How To Discipline Effectively and Set Limits with Children and Teens.
  • How to Establish Morning and Evening Routines To Curb The Nagging Problem
  • How to Respond to your Children’s Feelings and Problems.
  • How to Respond to Meal Time and Picky Eater Issues.

If you could benefit from Parenting Coaching, please call the Colorado Center for Healing and Change at 720-204-8747 and set up an initial consultation.   In addition to parenting coaching, we will provide several books to read as resources, please check out these parenting books under our resources page.  We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve a more peaceful family life for you and your children.






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