Kelly Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 10 years of experience.  She completed her graduate studies from the University of Northern Colorado where she has a MA degree in  Clinical Counseling and School Counseling. Kelly is registered with the State of Colorado to practice therapy and counseling.   Kelly received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Colorado Christian University.   Kelly has extensive counseling experience over the past 10 years working and volunteering with diverse populations in residential treatment centers, group homes, mental health centers, churches, drug and alcohol centers, vocational rehabilitation programs, schools, and inner city ministries.  Kelly offers her clients traditional counseling services and faith based counseling services.

Outside of her therapy practice, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, playing board games, and spending time with close friends.

The Center for Healing and Change believes  the relationship between the client and counselor is the key to healing. I provide therapy services rooted in authenticity, acceptance, and empowerment. I also believe honesty and accountability are essential in the healing process. I works together with people to explore beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that may hinder growth and positive change. I are solution focused and goal orientated in her approach to therapy.  In other words, I genuinely wants to see our clients moving forward with their life; learning  new skills, thoughts, and behaviors.

In addition to traditional counseling, faith based counseling services are also available for those who are interested in an integrated experience of spirituality and psychotherapy.   This is an opportunity where the spiritual dimension is examined in ones’ life along with the emotional, mental, and behavioral dimensions.  Please note, this is NOT about forcing an agenda on someone, but more about being open to the spiritual element in our lives.  The Colorado Center for Healing and Change is a faith sensitive community respecting all beliefs.



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