Dating Coaching

-Do you not know what to say or how to act on a first date?
-Do you want to date, but are afraid to venture out into the online dating world?
-Are you scared of rejection?
-Do you feel like you sabotage your relationships by playing games?

If you answered YES to any of these questions than you would benefit from our online dating coach in Denver. With our dating coaching services we address and help you successfully maneuver your fears that are preventing you from being successful within your relationships. The two factors that most often sabotage dating experiences are: The fear of rejection and the fear of inadequacy. We provide you with strategies to experience these feelings with grace and also tools to overcome these fears. Here are some key highlights to our dating coaching services, clients can pick the services that are most helpful for them.

1. Emotional Intelligence Counseling: provides you with tools to successfully cope with feelings of inadequacy or rejection, which in turn equals greater levels of relationship satisfaction. Also, you will learn tools to communicate rejection and inadequacy feelings to your partner vs. playing games when these feelings are experienced.

2. Communication Counseling: Learning strategies to ensure the INTENT of your message is matched with the IMPACT the message had.

3. Online Dating Coaching: We can help you write a profile that is accurate to who you are and what you’re looking for? (and be funny while we’re at it, humor goes along way!) We can also help you maneuver some of the barriers that online dating can present.

4. Dating Question and Answers: We partner with you in providing you with accurate and insightful answers to all of your dating questions, some of the questions we get include:

Why questions should I ask on a first date?
How often should I text?
When should I call her?
When should I get involved sexually in a relationship?
I got mad at her when she did __________________ was this reaction warranted or was that my own stuff?
How do I show interest but not act like I’m desperate?
I am so jealous all the time and I take it out on my partner, what can I do to curb this jealousy problem?

If any of these issues pertain to you, then you would benefit from our online dating coaching and counseling services in Denver. Please call us at 720-204-8747. We look forward to working with you!

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