Aurora & Denver Marriage/Couples Counseling Services

Do you sense that there is something wrong with your marriage but you don’t exactly know what or how to fix it?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated? Do you and your significant other struggle with seeing eye to eye on anything including issues like parenting, sex, and finances?  We all enter relationships with high expectations of “how it’s going to be” but, then reality hits and we soon find ourselves feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Couples counseling helps Denver & Aurora couples resolve differences, improve communication, and increase intimacy to maximize their relationship and overall happiness. What does relationship counseling look like at the Colorado Center for Healing and Change?   First, we will be interactive, inquisitive, and direct.  Second, we will listen to you without judgment and hold you accountable for moving forward in your relationship and your life.  Lastly, we will tell you the truth, because we believe you can handle it.

There is a SCIENCE to relationship satisfaction and all research shows that the # 1 factor in marital success is emotional intelligence and empathy and we incorporate these findings into our approach.  Furthermore, our approach is centered on learning new skills based off of four principles;  values, vision, clear communication, and commitment.

VALUES – Your values are what are important to you and your partner in the relationship.   Values include virtues like honesty, trust, and responsibility. VISION – The shared meaning that you have as a couple.  This includes the dreams and roles that make up your particular relationship.  Sometimes we prescribe to idealized roles of what it means to be a husband or wife.  Then, we get married and face the rude awakening that our partner does not match up with our imagination, HA, go figure!  We help you become aware of each other’s vision for your relationship and then teach you to communicate your values about these issues to one another. CLEAR COMMUNICATION – The key ingredient in healthy relationships is clear communication.  Clear communication requires vulnerability and honesty.  We all have different “love languages” through which we communicate our needs, fears, and desires.  We will teach you the skills and tools to communicate with clarity and intent.  COMMITMENT – The expectation that you will stay in the relationship no matter what hardship come your way, each person in the relationship needs to communicate this confidence to the other.

Please know you are not alone, help is out there.  If you and a loved one could benefit from marriage or couples counseling, please call the Colorado Center For Healing And Change today at  (720) 204-8747 to set up your initial consultation.

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