Life Transitions & Stress

Have you experienced a divorce and are having a hard time adjusting? 

Have you just moved and are feeling lonely and isolated

Have you just retired and are wrestling with your new identity? 

We Know Your Pain Is Real, And We Are Here To Help.

Adjusting to change for everybody. Let’s face it, we all like predictability and consistency. Typically, life transitions begin with a feeling of loss. These can include the loss of a role, the loss of a person, the loss of a place, or the loss of a person’s sense of where they fit into the world.

Any major loss makes most people feel afraid and anxious. Since your future now may be full with a lot of questions and uncertainty, it is normal to feel scared. We live in a society that has taught us to be uncomfortable with change.

On a positive note, at The Center For Healing & Change in Denver, we know these transitions give us the opportunity to learn about our strengths and explore what we really want in life. This time of contemplation can result in a renewed sense of meaning and autonomy.

Counseling can make a significant difference in coming out on the other side healthy, rejuvenated, and in good spirits. In providing life transition counseling we help you to accept and process through the loss, identify your feelings, clarify your life goals, nurture your support systems, and ask for what you need in relationships. Some of the issues we help people with in life transition counseling include job loss, divorce, moving to a different location, a child moving out, and retirement. If you live in the Denver or Aurora area and are struggling with a life transition, and would like help call us today for an initial consultation at 720-204-8747.

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