Healthy Weight Counseling Program

Some of the highlights and successes of our healthy weight counseling program are:

  • Emotional Intelligence Counseling to empower you to conquer your emotions such as shame, rejection, inadequacy, and depression WITHOUT going to the extremes with restricting or overly indulging.  Disclaimer-indulging on food is NECESSARY & GOOOOD sometimes!  (But not when it is based on shame/pain.)
  •  Food Training and Exercise Training! Healthy weight counseling is about more than just talking through issues, it requires action. We will go grocery shopping with you to teach you how to shop to help you with your goals vs. sabotaging you. (IF YOU WANT THIS SERVICE.)
  • Weekly Accountability with gaining weight or loosing weight! We will hold you accountable to your healthy weight goals with weekly weigh-ins.( if you ask for this.) In addition to holding you accountable to your weight gain/weight loss goals, part of the change process is to teach you how accepting your challenges “failures” with grace. One of our favorite quotes is “fail your way to success”. Our client must adopt this attitude as well in regards to their weight loss goals. Clients will have difficult days, but the failure is not in the one difficult day, the failure is defined in which one does not get back up again after failing.

Adopting a healthy relationship with food is enjoying food for how it was designed to be enjoyed.  We have thousands of taste buds in our mouth, clearly food is meant to taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  However, it is not healthy if we are using food as a way to numb our real emotions.  Honestly, 2 words I would want out of the dictionary would be FAT and SKINNY because these words just create shame!

Healthy Weight Counseling is about empowering you to feel comfortable in your own body.  Hmmm, let’s think about this; if we had to take FAT and SKINNY out of our dictionary, what would the implications of that be?  It looks like we would have to replace the word “fat” WHICH IS ON ALL OF OUR FOOD LABELS with another word.

The # 1 cause in my opinion of eating disorders world wide is that when we are talking about food, we are also talking about “fat.” For example, at the grocery store I say, “I want the higher fat milk.”  My daughter hears the word “higher fat” and she thinks that drinking that type of milk will make her fat.  HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!!!  And, fat simultaneously is also a word used to describe people who are over weight.  This word is a silent soul killer which has created millions of eating disorders.  So, what would happen if we took the word FAT off of our nutrition labels?  We would have to substitute it with another word.   My recommendation?  Fill.  This milk has 9 grams of fill.  That cheese has 6 grams of fill.  I think Fill would be a great substitute.  🙂  What are your thoughts?

By the way, Family programs are also available, let’s have a little healthy competition and see who can lose or gain the most weight.   If you are in need of a healthy weight counselor in the Denver area, The Center For Healing and Change is here for you!


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