Are you an evangelical in recovery? 

Healing & Confessing From the Sin of Evangelism

If you answered yes to this question, if you are an evangelical in recovery, that means that you accept the statements written below as true and you are wanting healing from your evangelical way of thinking and/or your evangelical upbringing.  If you grew up in this type of environment I believe you were brainwashed to believe certain things about God that are not true and consequently you will pass on this abusive way of thinking about God unless you go through the healing process listed below or something similar.   These ways of thinking about God were and are abusive and Yahweh has no part in this.  Evangelism is a sin and if someone wants to have a good relationship with others and with Yahweh, this sin must be confessed.   What is the sin of evangelism?  I will share that with you in this article, but I don’t feel like typing much, so I’m going to do a top 5 list.  (Typing with a cast on is kinda meh…)

Top 5 Reasons Why Evangelism is a sin and needs to be achniowledged and confessed.

  1. Evangelism creates narcissism because it wrongly teaches that people who know jesus are saved and people who do not know jesus are LOST.  So, it creates this feeling of specialness and privaledge for the person that “personally has a relationship with Jesus.”  Evangelism also creates narcissism because an evangelical believes they have this special access to God.  This belief is 100% erroneous.  Do you really think God is going to lead you to a job, a spouse, a neighborhood to live in, but she is not going to save a baby from dying from starvation?
  2. Evangelism creates abuse and sexism because evangelical men think there women must submit to them and that they have the leadership role in the home.  evangelical men, unlike other men see women more like; just home makers and sex objects because evangelical men does not think there woman could EVOLVE INTO A LEADER, PASTOR, TEACHER, ETC. bread maker, etc.  (whatever her life calling is.)  These man sometimes will make their women purposefully feel small and will only expect them to be a home maker.  Men and woman are called to empower their partner to evolve and ful-fill their GOD GIVEN CALLING TO EMPOWER AND INSPIRE their significant other to reach their God-given potential.  Most women in evangelical circles are CREATED FOR SO MUCH MORE than what they are currently doing, but the sin of “women and men have different roles” and sexism has stopped them from reaching their god given potential.    Most women who are home makers in evangelical marriages feel UNFULFILLED  in their purpose and they mistakenly think this is their sin.  Women, I am here to tell you this is NOT your sin, you feel unfulfilled for a god given reason.  You feel unfulfilled because your beliefs have put you into a box and do not encourage and allow you to grow into the woman God Has Created You To Be.  God does NOT put people in boxes, people do.  God has created everyone to be a rudy rutigeer.  dream big, go after the impossible, feel your fears and overcome them(side note, that movie is one of my all time favorite movies.)
  3. evangelism teaches that the bible is more inspired than your God-given conscience.  This is 1000% blastemy.  People said the bible was inspired, Yahweh did not say this.
  4. evangelism teaches that divorce is against gods will.  THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO STAY IN ABUSIVE ENVIRONEMENTS BECAUSE THEY THINK GOD IS AGAINST DIVORCE.  Reality Check.  🙂  God is NOT AGAINST DIVORCE necessarily, GOD IS AGAINST ABUSE.  If you are in an abusive environment in your marriage, you need to walk away.  (By all means, counseling can heal a marriage, so exhaust all other options that are available to you, before you leave your marriage.)   Sometimes God is against divorce and she needs the couple to fight for their marriage and heal their marriage.
  5. evangelism teaches you can grow spiritually and every evangelical is on this conquest to have a deeper spiritual relationship with god and people idolize other people for their relationship status with god.  When in reality, this type of stuff is  just spiritual narcissism most of the time.
  6. evangelism teaches stupidity in SO MANY WAYS.  Reality Check- scientific fact proves the earth is 4.5 billion years old.


5. Evangelism teaches superstition.  People attrubrute job offers, relationships, marriages, etc. to gods blessings, but the reality is god gave us all FREE WILL.  99% OF THE STUFF evangelicals think god caused, god is wanting to say back to you, that’s free will, stop spiritualuitizing everything.

6. evangelism causes people to feel like THEY ARE BETTER THAN THE SO-CALLED LOST.  When the reality is, the so called “lost”, knows god much better than most of the faithful.

If you are struggling with this sin, get on your knees right now and confess this sin to Yahweh and also confess this sin to your closest friends and family members who have been effected by it.  If you do struggle with this sin, more than likely you have struggled with this sin for your whole life, so you are engrained to think like this.  So, overcoming from this sin will take hard work and it will probably be a year or more process of getting on your knees every day and nurturing humility.

Whether you struggle with this sin or not, getting in the regular habit of getting on your knees each day and putting your hands out, palms up, and just sitting in silence or praying can heal you tremendously emotionally speaking.  Please do NOT feel like you need to pray, often times the BEST prayer is just sitting in silence for 20 minutes each day.  Because, when we allow ourselves to sit in silence, that’s when our god given conscience can start working again.

what do I mean by that?  When we sit in silence for a while, we may start to feel conviction if there are sins in our life that we have not addressed.  Conviction is typically any feelings of remorse, shame, denial, and guilt.  Contrary to popular belief, these feelings are beautiful feelings and we need to honor these feelings in our life.  Well, I must be going now, I’m going to go for a morning stroll with my walker.  But before I go, let me leave you with another gluten free five ingredient or less recipe.  This recipe only calls for 2 ingredients and it is simply amazing.


Hamburger Delicious

2 hamburger patties diced up

1 big tomatoe diced up.

Mix both ingredients in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Namaste 🙂

© Kelly Johnson

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