Do you lack interest for your every day activities? Do find yourself faking being “happy” in social settings? Do you want to sleep a lot?

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of every day life, but when sadness takes over and will not go away, it may be Depression. The symptoms of depression may include loneliness, withdrawal from loved ones, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, loss of interest in activities, loss of sleep, low sex drive, and loss of appetite. When people are depressed they carry around with them a lot of negative self-talk.  This negative self talk, also called cognitive distortions colors  all reality and continues to reinforce the negative cycle.   An example of a cognitive distortion is “No one likes me”, “I am a failure” or “I cant do anything right.” Often times these all or nothing generalizations reinforce the feelings of Depression and Despair and the cycle continues.

According to research the major theme with Depression is the loss of hope.   In therapy our goal is to work together with the individual in a compassionate and non-judgmental setting and  provide valuable tools and strategies.  We take on a holistic perspective with the treatment of Depression; this process may include evaluating the quality of one’s relationships, career, family life, childhood, life goals, self-talk, hobbies, spirituality, and physical activity.   We commit to being completely curious about you, empowering you with new tools, and holding you accountable with behavioral and emotional change.

If you or a loved one lives in or around the Denver area and is suffering from depression, counseling can help. Call the Center for Healing and Change today to set up your initial consultation at (720) 204-8747

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