Denver Depression Counseling

The Colorado Center for Healing and Change offers Denver Depression Counseling, for more information on these services please click here. Depression is largely reinforced by our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  When we have a thought, “No one likes me, that girl looked down because she thinks I’m lame!”  that :Automatic Thought” creates a feeling (rejection, inadequacy, anger)  which in turn creates our behaviors.  (Isolation, withdrawal, etc)  This cycle happens over and over again, which then reinforced that the Automatic Thought is TRUE!  However, the initial automatic thought is based off of a cognitive distortion which is based off of our CORE BELIEF.   Denver Depression Counseling at the Center for Healing and Change addresses these issues with our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, AND BEHAVIORS along with our cognitive distortions and core beliefs.  When we can become aware of these beliefs, bringing them from the subconscious to the conscious than we can start the heal and create more balanced beliefs.

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