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Let’s be honest, we all love FREE Things!  I am a nut for FREEBIES, THRIFTING and all things FRUGAL.  Being that I have been a frugalite for most of my life, (my own made up word)  I also love giving away free things as well.    If you are wanting free mental health advice on a variety of topics, please read my mental health blog.  If you are wanting to learn more about my free counseling offers please read below.

1. Free Counseling for Individuals, Couples, & Families who are making $20,000 or under per year.  (6 sessions)

I will take on 1 client each month and offer this client 6 free counseling sessions.  These sessions are reserved for clients who are making $20,000 or under and have no assistance to help provide for housing, bills, cost of therapy, etc.  After the 6 sessions, the client will transition to the sliding scale rate of $40 per session.   To qualify for these sessions please bring in income verification in the form of a 1040 tax form from the previous year.  If you qualify for this offer, please call me or email me at and in the subject heading say; “I would like to sign up for pro-bono counseling” and let me know some times and days that you are available for your intake session in addition to any questions that you may have.  I will get back to you as soon as possible and schedule your initial counseling session.  If the slot it taken for that one month, I will put your name on a wait-list and I will contact you as soon as the slot becomes available.

2. Free Initial Counseling Session for Abusers (and Abused) Who are Wanting to Stop and Get Help.   

Do you know that you abuse your partner and you are wanting to stop and get help?  Abuse is defined as emotional abuse, satanic ritual abuse/mind control, covert emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, control/intimidation, domestic violence, and narcissistic abuse.  Most often abusers were also abused in their childhood, if you would like to heal from your own abuse and stop abusing others, please send me an email with the subject heading “I abuse others and I am wanting to stop” and let me know some times and dates you are available and I will contact you to schedule your  session.

3.  Free Initial Counseling Session for Narcissist’s Who Are Wanting to Heal Their Narcissism wound And Get Help.

Do you have the Narcissistic wound and because of this wound you are wounding others in your life?  If you struggle with Narcissism, please know that Narcissism is a wound from your past and our wounds can be healed.  I specialize with Narcissism and I LOVE working with Narcissists and helping them heal their Narcissism.   If you are wanting counseling for your Narcissism please send me an email to with the subject heading “I struggle with Narcissism and I am wanting to heal my Narcissism” and let me know some times and dates that you are available and I will contact you to schedule your session.

Disclaimer:  I do not like the word “Narcissist” because it comes across as judgmental and people do not like their personality to be put into a box, such as the Narcissistic box.  But that is the only word that I can use in this offer so you will know if I am talking about you.       ?

4Free Stop Bullying Presentation for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools titled; I am going to be A ROCK STAR & A GAME-CHANGER at My School & I’m Going to STOP Bullying Today.” 

Bullying is not just about words, I believe that over 50% of bullying is actually non-verbal.  In this presentation I will talk about the; 3 most important things that a student can do to become A ROCK STAR & A GAME CHANGER and help stop the bullying problem at their school.  I will also talk about verbal bullying, non-verbal bullying, give tips for self-advocacy for the person who is getting bullied, and also explain why the bullier likes to bully and give them 5 tools to help them to stop bulling and to start getting their emotional needs met in positive ways.  

This presentation is about 30-45 minutes long and is designed to be personal, high impact, and engaging.  This presentation is adaptable and I can take out and add in different material’s as needed to make the presentation age appropriate for the particular group. 

If you work at a school and you would like me to do a presentation at your school please send me an email to with the subject heading “I am interested in the bullying presentation” and leave me your contact information and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.





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