Colorado Center for Healing and Change specializes in helping children improve their lives and have a better overall quality of life.  We specialize in working with children with sadness, depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger outbursts, defiance issues, and sibling rivalry.  It is recommended that children who are seen individually are also seen in family sessions to support the long term efforts of their goals.   Children and teenagers face tremendous pressures today to achieve in academics, excel at sports, and win the popularity contest at school…. and on Facebook 😉  In our over scheduled culture of sports, extra-curricular’s, and other commitments kids are left feeling exhausted, depleted, inadequate, and depressed.  Furthermore, with all of our technology resources, children are struggling with learning basic communication and socialization skills.  All of this compounded creates loneliness and sadness which in turn hinders their emotional, social, and academic success.  With Child and Teen Therapy, we empower the child to figure out who they are as an individual and help them communicate their needs and wants in effective ways.  We also give them tools to learn and practice boundaries, communicate needs and emotions directly, and practice emotional regulation skills when they feel rejected and inadequate by a peer or friend.

We also work extensively with suicidal teenagers and teenagers who cut.   We provide talk therapy, art therapy, and walking therapy to help teenagers process their life experiences and teach them new skills to increase their overall quality of life.  If you think your daughter or son could benefit from child therapy please contact us today at 720-771-3144 to set up a consultation.

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