Career Counseling

People come into career counseling for a variety of reasons.  Some individuals come in to counseling to determine which career path they should pursue. Others come in to resolve work problems, and yet another group comes in for resume or job interviewing assistance.  A career is defined as ones “life work”. When I think of that words like values, identity, life calling, and purpose come to mind.  It is words like these that are at the heart and soul of our career counseling program.

Through an extensive process of personal interviews, career assessments, and interest inventories we get to know our clients personality and then work collaboratively with them to identify an ideal career path utilizing their strongest gifts and personal assets.   Essentially, we believe in your potential for greatness and we want you to achieve that.   We want to see you become highly successful.  What does highly successful mean to us?  Using your strongest gifts to serve others and making a fabulous living at the same time.

Our integrated approach takes into consideration all you have achieved and all you have yet to achieve in your professional  life.  We find new ways to align your career path with your skills and abilities. All aspects of your well-being improve when your work is in line with your personal values and identity. We guide you to pay attention to the sensibilities of your heart and your brain.  We help you focus your vision, identify your strengths, and clarify your goals.  We will be curious about your dreams and hold you accountable for achieving these dreams.

In additon to career counseling we also offer resume writing, job interviewing, job coaching, and job placement services.  With our current economy, the job market is tough.  For every position that is available there may be over 50 qualified candidates.  With this being said it is essential that one has an outstanding resume and job interview that  distinguishes them from the rest.  Often times people come in asking “how are you going to hide my employment gaps?” or “I have had too many jobs, I don’t look reliable!”  Leave the guess work to us, we have extensive experience in highlighting your strengths, capitalizing your experiences,  and minimizing your weaknesses.

In job interviewing we equip you with the essential skills and tools needed to nail your interview.  We cover several subjects including asking the RIGHT questions, researching the company, first impressions, active listening, eye contact, and follow-up to name a few.  Through training and practice you confidence will sky rocket and your skill set will grow.

If you could benefit from career counseling, resume writing services, mock job interviewing, or job placement services please call the Colorado Center For Healing And Change today to sign up for your initial consultation.  For resume samples, please go to the services page and click resume samples and you will be able to see our resume templates.  We look forward to working with you!

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