Do you ever make really DUMB DECISIONS?! Join the crowd, me too. :)

Hello Ya’ll!

I’m sure you may be asking; Why am I posting another blog, since I said I would not post a blog for 30 days?   Because sometimes I make DUMB DECISIONS and that decision was just a DUMB DECISION.  Why?  Because writing connects me to my soul, so while I may want accountability in other areas of my life, taking a fast from writing is definitely NOT an area I need accountability in.  The truth is we all make DUMB DECISIONS sometimes and if we are going to heal our ego issues, then we NEED TO FREELY ADMIT OUR DUMB DECISIONS.  no biggee. 🙂

When we all give up our addiction to image, we will start to be okay with being wrong more, looking stupid sometimes, admitting dumb decisions, and changing our opinion about a topic or about a person when new information comes into existence that is contrary to our old way of thinking.  Sadly, in our world, people are not allowed to change their opinion.  When people change their mind, it is seen as a sign of weakness, when in reality if you are close companions with humility, you will change your mind sometimes. 

Anyways, I will touch on that more in a little bit, but for more important news right now.  I have 3 IMPORTANT announcements that I would like to make.  Announcement # 1: I will be releasing….


The second important announcement that I would like to share is that since I am going to be taking a 30 day fast from blogging, (scratch that statement, read the text above.) I will be spending this blogging time actually publishing some books, which is kind of exciting, so you should see a few of my other books coming out within the next month.  My career for the last year has been primarily writing and ticket to work and a lot less counseling, so its due time I finally publish a book.

The 3rd Announcement is completely unrelated to books, however it is Sunday and I just got back from the prayer chapel at the local Catholic Church and it reminded me of the importance of this last announcement.

You see, mental health/emotional health and healthy spirituality are probably my two favorite loves in this world!  Probably because, you can not experience one without the other.   This is why mental health as we know it, FAILS PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME.

Why is this?




















So in order for psychology to be healthy I believe it needs to join hands with healthy theology.  You see, Healthy Psychology can not exist without Healthy Theology and Healthy Theology can not exist without Healthy Psychology.   (disclaimer, I’m pretty sure god is an agnostic.)

So with that being said, it is of no surprise that this last blog for the month would have to address both of these LOOOVES of mine.  (scratch that last blog statement again.) In my last blog, I talked about the YING YANG CONCEPT and how I believe that healthy spirituality would embrace this concept that Protestantism NEEDS Catholicism and Catholicism NEEDS Protestantism.  In closing this blog, I would like to leave you with this sentiment so you can get an idea of what that would maybe look like.

Honestly, I see the sacred blending of the protestant church and the catholic church as a true spiritual match made in heaven.  🙂  However, because of pride and ego, this has not even came close to happening yet.  In my dream world, if this did happen, this is what it would look like.  True story, it is one of my life goals to start a little church some day, so who’s knows…maybe I could actually see this come to fruition.  Here is what this “spiritual match made in heaven” could look like theologically speaking for our churches.

Catholicism- The best of ritual, confession, humility, and sacredness.  Meaning; lent, advent, ritual, confession, prayer-beads.  (While I dislike confession because of the priesthood concept, I love the general idea of confession.  And while I dislike the rosary because the focus is on praying to Mary, I love the IDEA OF PRAYER BEADS THAT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE ROSARY WITH AN INFINITY SIGN MAYBE INSTEAD OF A CROSS. 🙂  While some people may not want/need the prayer beads, some people may feel more connected to god through beads.  Because prayer beads can be an excellent accountability tool with healing selfishness through praying for others/world. (on your own.)  In terms of humility, Catholics are way more humble than most evangelical protestants.  If evangelical protestants wanted to work on getting more humility, take a year fast from talking about god.

Protestantism- The best of worship, community, and relatable sermons.  I think Protestant churches do worship, community, and sermons much better than catholic churches do.  Worship needs to connect to peoples soul and heart. (Many secular sounds however connect to peoples soul even far better than evangelical worship does.) Community needs to be a central priority in church, and sermons need to be preached mostly by people who are also married and have family, because that is over 80% of the population. 

However, neither of these church traditions embrace the spiritual practice of SILENCE.  I think SILENCE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in being able to receive humility, encouragement, and healthy conviction. When we allow ourselves to sit in silence, I believe our god given conscience starts to work like it is designed to work.  By the way, I’m not a regular church goer because I cant find a church that is emotionally healthy.  Frankly, I think there are more agnostics who are spiritually healthy than devout’s.  Why?  Because their emotionally honest.


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DISCLAIMER: Sometimes problems with Depression, Anxiety, and Relationships are NOT designed to be fixed.  Sometimes we need to surrender and accept the pain we are in or accept the relationship is over.  I was in


*******ALL BOOKS, TITLES, MATERIALS, AND BLOGS ARE: Copyrighted By Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC. April, 2017  unless otherwise noted.   *******

Wow, I think this blog was one of my most disjointed blogs in that we talked about EVERYTHING in this blog.  Anywho, here is another 5 ingredient or less recipe as well for ONE ingredient ice cream.

All for now~

Kelly Johnson, MA, LPC

P.S- We all need to learn to stop judging people, I think we are all addicted to judging people.  Just because I wrote, “god” and god given conscience” and not “God” and God given conscience” does not mean that I harbor any less respect for Yahweh.  You see, I did that on purpose, the Lord judges the heart, man judges outward appearances.



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