Anger Management Counseling 101

I would like to share some thoughts with you all on anger.  Anger is the emotion we feel when something good (a relationship) is being threatened by something bad (a lie).  That was just an example.  Often times people struggle with anger because they do not allow themselves to fully feel their real emotions.  Feelings of frustration, annoyance, jealousy, inferiority, loneliness, depression, inadequacy, and anxiety are normal, we ALL feel them.  However, for most individuals the only two states of mind they feel comfortable to express might be “life is good” and “I’m upset”.   There is no freedom to express the wide array of emotions that we feel as human beings.  So what ends of happening in relationships is one partner will feel something and stuff it, acting like it’s not there.  They continually stuff their emotions and then the original feeling may transition from something of a little annoyance/ inferiority to outrage and anger because the original emotion was not expressed appropriately.  I often hear wives say, “my husband blew up out of know where, he is crazy!”  Ladies, it did not come out of know where and he is NOT crazy, he is just not sharing with you those other vulnerable emotions.  It is imperative for our mental health and for the quality of our relationships to open up our inner lives to those that are closest to us.  For some people this is extremely foreign and they are not comfortable with it.  Take a risk and reap the rewards.  To get started you may want to find a feeling sheet from the internet to use as a guide.  Look to that for ideas on how to share with your significant other what is really going on.   All for now-  I’m getting pretty tired, have a good night everybody! 


Kelly J

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