Adolescent & Teen Therapy

In working with teenagers, it’s important to recognize the unique set of experiences occurring in this challenging stage of life. In navigating through adolescence, children may experience difficulties related to identity, school, relationships, and authority as they begin to define themselves as adults.  Adolescence marks the beginning of significant emotional, social, biological, and intellectual changes.  With all these changes taking place, it is normal for teenagers to try on different roles or masks to see what fits them.  These different roles can include experimentation with morals and values, clothing styles, social groups, music preferences, religion, substances, and sexuality.  For parents, this can be an exhausting time as your child’s mood is constantly changing and the arguments, silences, and boundary testing sets in leaving you feeling frustrated and stuck. Although adolescence can be a trying time, it can also be a time filled with newness and excitement as you see your child journey from childhood to adulthood.

Sometimes adolescents deal with emotional struggles that need to be resolved through psychotherapy.  Some of these issues include low self- esteem, family issues, depression, perfectionism, weight issues, AD/HD, social issues, self-injury, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and grief and loss.  These are just a few of the issues that young people receive counseling for at the Colorado Center For Healing And Change. When not attended to, these issues can have a negative effect on the adolescents’ sense of purpose and identity. Because adolescent counseling is a specific field it is important to seek out a professional counselor that specializes with adolescence.  In creating a therapeutic environment for teens to work through their issues, talk therapy is combined with more experiential methods including journaling, creative writing, art, and music.  We know that often times adolescents are required to come to therapy by a parent or another authority figure.  With this in mind, there naturally can be a resistance to therapy.  We fully understand this resistance and are skilled at making the adolescent feel comfortable and at ease right from the start.

The goal in adolescent counseling is to assist  teenagers in developing a strong sense of identity rooted in honesty, compassion, self-responsibility, and respect.   We accomplish this by working together with the adolescent teaching them how to express emotions, communicate needs, increase self-confidence, define values, establish personal boundaries, and gain other life skills to set the adolescent up for success academically, emotionally, and socially.  Parents play a vital role in counseling services at the Colorado Center For Healing And Change. Why, because we believe strongly in a team approach and you as the parent know your child best! We encourage you to be an active participant in your adolescent’s therapy experience.  We will check in with you regularly and will want your  feedback on how your son or daughter is doing.

If  you are in the Denver area, and your teen or adolescent could benefit from counseling, please call the Colorado Center For Healing And Change today to set up a initial consultation at (720) 204-8747

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